AI and Creativity

Researching the intersections and correlations between generative AI systems and creativity.

New European Bauhaus

Gauging perspectives on a contemporary Bauhaus.

Resonance Space(s)

A sciartistic approach to big-data visualisation of the global climate.

Collaborative art and science project with scientists of the Joint Research Centre (JRC).

Smile to Vote – Political Physiognomy Analytics

A speculative design perspective on AI, biometric scoring and democratic processes.

Immersive Architecture Generator

A cybernetic reflection on fluid architecture machines.
Investigating interactive media spaces and AI-driven agency.

Imaging and Interaction – Perspectives on Mediated Realities

An interdisciplinary research project at the University of the Arts Berlin on Design Computation and Visual Computing.


A transatlantic artistic research ensemble, exploring real-time processes, audiovisual improvisation and the design of digital instruments.