Resonance Space(s)

An artistic approach to big-data visualisation of the global climate.

Translating global weather data into immersive experiences.

Resonance Space is an interdisciplinary artistic-scientific research project conducted at the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission (JRC) and the University of the Arts Berlin from 2018 to 2019. It is the result of a collaboration between media artist Alexander Peterhaensel, geophysicist Daniel Tirelli and meteorologists Jutta Thielen-del-Pozo and Thomas Petroliagkis. The Project discusses human-induced climate change and resulted in several artistic-scientific artifacts.

One of them is an interactive Big Data sculpture, which can be experienced in VR or AR. The room-scale installation attempts to unfold the physis of our planet in all its unconcealedness within 2.5 billion data points. It invites the spectators to an audiovisual meditation on human-induced climate change. The Big Data sculpture translates a scientific hypothesis into an immersive experience, and hence facilitates an intuitive understanding of our actions as a species and their implications on our geosphere.

Big Data has permeated our everyday lives and has become an essential and defining part of the algorithmic era and digital transformation. The question arises as to how the belief in the search for answers in data acquisition or the establishment of Big Data as a cultural technique will affect the human condition. How will mathematically rendered perspectives of reality transform human perception?


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