Resonance Space (VR)



Resonance Space (VR) is an interactive Big Data sculpture dealing with human-induced climate change. The room-scale VR installation is one artifact of the artistic-scientific research project Resonance Space, which was conducted during an artist residency at the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission in 2018 and 2019. It is the result of a collaboration between media artist Alexander Peterhaensel, geophysicist Daniel Tirelli and meteorologists Jutta Thielen-del-Pozo and Thomas Petroliagkis.

The Installation attempts to unfold the physis of our planet in all its unconcealedness within 2.5 billion data points. It invites the spectators to an audiovisual meditation on human-induced climate change. The Big Data sculpture translates a scientific hypothesis into an immersive experience, and hence facilitates an intuitive understanding of our actions as a species and their implications on our geosphere.

Resonance Space (VR) premiered at the Resonances III Festival “Datami” Exhibition at the European Commission – Joint Research Centre in Via Enrico Fermi, 2749, 21027 Ispra, Italy on October 15. It was later displayed at he BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels from December 2019 till January 2020.