Resonances III Festival: Datami, JRC, Ispra.IT


(15.10 — 8.11.2019)

Premiere of my interactive Big Data sculpture “Resonance Space (VR)” at the Resonances III Festival at the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission in Ispra, Italy.

The Festival shows the results of artistic-scientific collaborations between invited artist residents and scientists of JRC.

Registration is necessary if you want to visit the exhibition. You can register here. Please note that registration is only open until October 19.

This year’s theme, Big Data / AI / Digital Transformation is seen through the prism of Datami.

DATAMI refers to the concept of the multifunctional Japanese tatami mats – places of action, of meditation and of rest.

The Datami is a symbol of the digital intertwining of our lives, of this new universe we find ourselves in, a hybrid between real life and digital life for which a famous philosopher coined the term onlife: not online or offline, but a blending of two worlds that invests and enhances our entire being.

After the 2018 Summer School, 24 artists have worked with JRC scientists on a unique artwork blending JRC science with their art.