Immersive Architecture Generator

The artistic research project deals with computer mediated realities and their implications for architecture as an interactive art form. It gages the currently perceivable outward-projection of digital logic into the physical realm and the amalgamation of digital and physical towards a new hybrid form of reality. It researches how technologies like VR and AR are used to project algorithmic spaces onto the physical world and how artificial intelligence is deployed to delegate decisions about our future life. The focus of the artistic research are the new role of architectures as interfaces, the aesthetic qualities of the new hybrid analog-digital surfaces as well as the role of artificial intelligence in the co-active design of said hyper real immersive spaces of experience.


Exhibitions – Presentations

2018/11, Symposium: Digitalisierung UdK – Eine Anatomie, Berlin, DE
2018/06, Augmenting Cities Hackathon, Einstein Center Berlin, DE
2018/05, Crescendo Music Festival, Berlin, DE
2018/04, Symposium: Moving Images – Static Spaces, Istanbul, TR
2017/09, ars electronica 2017, Linz, AT
2017/07, Symposium: The Shape of Things to Come, berlin, DE
2016/12, Hybrid Lab, Berlin, DE
2016/06, Symposium: Encontro International – Lugares da Experiencia, São Paulo, BR


Acknowledgements and Credits

Research Lead & Artistic Direction Alexander Peterhaensel
Executive Production: audiovisual architectures lab
Research Assistance & Software Development: Julian Netzer
Research Assistance & Production Assistance: Christopher Höhn
Additional Software Development: Roman Gebhardt
Sound Recording: Hans-Christian Ziupa, Erik Brauer
Video Assistance: Philip Treschan, Yannick Spiess
Carpentry: Max Bilger, Konstantin Hildebrand
Additional Production: Stephanie Frauenkron, Celine Kodim
Support: University of the Arts Berlin


Artistic Collaborations

Solo Piano Ken Nakasako
Trio Ambra Ken Nakasako (Piano), Yuki Ishihara (Violin), Haruma Sato (Cello)

Special Thanks:
Prof. Anna Anders, Mads Frandsen, Vera Garben, Klaus-Dieter Jachning, Nadja Müller, Prof. Dr. Norbert Palz, Ralph Sternickel, Kristin Schütze, Frank Wolter, Luise von Zimmermannn.

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