KI- und Designmaschinen

KI und Designmaschinen
AI and Design Machines
Exhibition and Performance Evening
St. Johanniskirche
Brandenburg an der Havel

Students of the seminar Generative Design presented AI and design machines in the context of an exhibition and performance night.

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of some students and thanks to the generous support of the Cultural Office of the City of Brandenburg, it became possible to present the results of the seminar to the public. Under the title “AI and Design Machines”, the students’ works played in the nave of the former monastery church of St. Johannis as part of a performance evening in mid-August. The cultural event in the heart of Brandenburg enjoyed numerous visitors and was a brilliant and productive conclusion to the seminar, which was able to bring the research conducted at the THB on the topic of AI and design closer to a broad audience.

Many thanks to the Cultural Office of the City of Brandenburg for their generous support and the very good cooperation.