Generative Design


University of Applied Sciences Brandenburg

Summer 2021

In the light of the digital transformation and the current AI revolution, the seminar Generative Design dealt with systems that make design decisions autonomously.

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of some students and thanks to the generous support of the Cultural Office of the City of Brandenburg, it became possible to present the results of the seminar in an exhibition. Under the title “AI and Design Machines”, the students’ work was presented in the nave of the former monastery church of St. Johannis during a performance evening in mid-August.

Generative design is characterised by delegating parts of the design process to software through parameterisation. The integration of self-learning AI systems into creative processes makes us question our humanistic understanding of creativity and authorship. In the development and use of such systems, the boundaries between software development and design begin to dissolve. Design developers meet software designers and vice versa. (Gestaltungsentwicklerinnen treffen auf Softwaredesigner.)

In the context of the interdisciplinary seminar, students of the Master’s programmes Digital Media and Computer Science created IT systems that can be played like musical instruments. The developed sound and/or video compositions are equipped with their own artificial intelligences and make independent decisions. In addition to the project work, the seminar highlighted theoretical, historical and philosophical aspects of generative systems in design and art.

During the exhibition “AI and Design Machines”, the developed IT systems were performed live. Many thanks to the Cultural Office of the City of Brandenburg for their generous support and very good cooperation. Special thanks also go to the two teaching assistants Christopher Höhn and Julian Netzer, who helped to bring the seminar to a successful and memorable conclusion despite online teaching.




Dominik Benning
Katharina Bruchner
Selina Nadine Corthum
Luisa Flaig
Allan Fodi
Philipp Grigarzik
Fan He
Jonas Kappa
Micha Kodalle
Steven Kranz
Madita Lange
Tim Lehmann
Antonia Pudszuhn
Caroline Schmidt-Matthiesen
Paulina Selent
Nicole Zimmermann