Contribution to Co-Design-Phase of the New European Bauhaus

MA Project Seminar

University of Applied Sciences Brandenburg

Summer 2021

THB students contribute ideas to the Co-Design-Phase of the New European Bauhaus

How can we solve the biggest problems of our time? What contribution could the THB make in the region? How do we want to live in Brandenburg in 2050?

These were the initial questions that students from the Digital Media Master’s programme addressed at the beginning of the 2021 summer semester. Under the supervision of Prof. Peterhänsel, they developed visions of the future and approaches to solutions for a future worth living.

Now the students’ projects have been successfully entered into the European Commission’s ideas competition for the New European Bauhaus.

The submitted entry can be viewed here:

More details about the seminar and the participating students as well as their projects can be found here:

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