Belleparais, Munich.DE

Solo Exhibition

(14.09 — 27.10.2018)

Smile to Vote – Political Physiognomy Analytics

Opening: Friday, 14th September 2018, 6pm
15th September until 27th October 2018

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Information Technology based facial recognition are increasingly anchored in our lives. In the run up to the Bavarian parliamentary elections the media artist Alexander Peterhaensel escalates the latest research findings in the field of psychometrics and points them towards the backdrop of currently trending AI-driven political campaigns.

The installation, an e-voting booth created by the fictitious GovTech start-up ‘smile to vote’, gages the political conviction of any given person by means of AI-based facial scanning. It emulates the process of digitally casting a vote by simply looking into a camera. The work is accompanied by a website and a video, both of which subtly oscillate between the plausible and the fantastical. A research paper titled ‘Smile to Vote: Towards Political Physiognomy Analytics – Predicting electoral Behaviour from Live Video’ sheds light on the scientific background to the piece.

For the exhibition opening at Belleparais, Peterhaensel has edited paper based cut-outs which are inspired by slogans used by the likes of Google or Amazon.

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