Basics of the Moving Image: Time


University of the Arts Berlin

Summer 2017

Seminar am Institut für zeitbasierte Medien der Universität der Künste Berlin.


In the context of the semester topic “Time” the participants were introduced to the basics of film and video production and gained production experience in two short time projects. They also received an introduction to the broad field of time based media and the history and theory of film and media art. They were provided with advice and support during planning and realising their video projects. Resulting works could be of performative, documentional, narrative or experimental character, with filmed footage or animated or computer generated elements. The Seminar was accompanied by two workshops, an introduction to camera, light and sound equipment, and an introduction to digital film and sound montage.

Wiebke von Bremen
Lunia D’Ambrosio
Rafael d’Almeida Santos
Linda Elsner
Athena Grandis
Marisa Hampe
Julie Heumüller
Paul Jochum
Ronja Lang
Masoud Morgan
Floris Morlok
Ronja Polzin
Elisabetta Porcinai
Lukas Schmeck
Nicola Sedlmayr
Roxanne Zeiher