ICT Ethics: Artificial Intelligence

MA Project Seminar

University of Applied Sciences Brandenburg

Winter 2020

In the context of the mass but often inconspicuous spread of facial recognition and the increasing context-sensitive awareness of products and services through computer vision, the seminar provided students with a design brief that was intended to illustrate the ethical implications of these IT possibilities in a case study.

As part of an exercise, the students were asked to create a website that uses AI-based semantic computer vision analysis to classify users based on their appearance and make certain content available only to certain types of users. In the process, the students learned how simple it is to implement a functional machine-learning computer vision analysis of users in the browser in a short time.

The resulting designs dealt with analysis parameters such as age, gender, emotion or ethnicity and opened up a broad discourse on the ethical questions that such classification and content control based on it by IT systems open up.



Levent Bektas
Dominik Benning
Johanna Haupt
Fan He
Micha Kodalle
Madita Lange
Maurice Lange
Christoph Lewerenz
Lorin Muhamed
Manfred On
Antonia Pudszuhn
Hayllen Estibaly Sanchez Momox
Monty Marc Seifert
Paulina Selent
Jannis Paul Wicke
Nicole Zimmermann