Artificial Intelligence and Agency

MA Project Seminar

University of Applied Sciences Brandenburg

Winter 2020

In a co-active design process with machine intelligence, the students developed an audiovisual storytelling concept. In several sub-steps, they worked together with AI-based systems for this.

As a basis for the project, the students wrote the beginning of a story, which was completed by a text-based deep learning algorithm. The text written in co-action was visualised in a storyboard. In doing so, the students illustrated the details and turns of phrase formulated by the AI in their visualisation.

At the end of the exercise, the seminar discussed the experience of working with an AI, the originality of the stories that emerged and the change in authorship that results from this kind of co-active process.



Youssef Benihoud
Thiemo Blümchen
Timo Boersch
Beatris Bögel
Katharina Bruchner
Selina Nadine Corthum
Tom Erfurt
Luisa Flaig
Micha Kodalle
Steven Kranz
Tim Lehmann
Rick Lüdicke
Caroline Schmidt-Matthiesen
Monty Marc Seifert
Joel van As