An introduction to Smile to Vote, Futurium, Berlin.DE

Artist Talk
Futurium, Berlin, 2020

There’s an election coming up! Let’s head to the nearest polling station. Step into the voting booth, a quick smile, and we’re done… At least according to Smile to Vote. Pre-empting futurist scenarios, this art-meets-science research project takes political decisions off our hands: our vote automatically goes to the party we resemble the most. Does this sound scary and more than a little bit crazy? According to Smile to Vote’s Alexander Peterhaensel, this situation isn’t as unlikely or far off as we think. For convenience’s sake, we already let automated systems make more and more decisions on our behalf.

Video feature and artist talk on the occasion of the presentation of the work Smile to Vote in the permanent exhibition of Futurium Lab Berlin. The video stream is available here.