Futurium, Berlin.DE

Ongoing since 5.9.2019

Exhibition of “Smile to Vote – Political Physiognomy Analytics” at Futurium, Berlin.

Smile To Vote is included in the permanent collection of the newly openend Futurium, the Museum of the Futures in Berlin. It is displayed as part of the exhibition “Futurium Lab – Artificial Intelligence and Society”.

The curatorial intention is to demonstrate with the pre-empting futurist scenario the potential of Artificial Intelligence to change our society for good or worse.

As some of the biggest technological advances are happening in image and face recognition, Smile To Vote converts these new possibilities into an aesthetic experience.

The work can be viewed and tried out as visitor to the Futurium. The opening hours are Wednesday to Monday from 10 am to 6 pm.

Say Cheese – Smile To Vote